In Everyday Life – How do you deal with all the daily distractions? #amreading #amwriting #amblogging

I want to be blogging…

I would rather be writing…

I could be reading…


When I get an afternoon or day alone with no other immediate commitments, I end up stuck in what often feels like an endless cycle of daily drudgery. Washing, cooking, laundry, changing beds, dusting, hovering, picking up mine and everyone’s crap.

How do you avoid it? Or do you ignore it?

Can you write while the oven needs cleaning? While the dog is hoping for a walk? While the dust is slowly accumulating?

I’m the sort that will put my hand in the air and proudly declare that I do love and live by a TO-DO LIST. But I rarely put the important things on there. Never does write, read or blog feature. It’s a rather sad TO-DO LIST  this week of household chores.  

I have a BAD habit of thinking that I need a tidy home to get on with the good things – writing/reading and now blogging.

But I feel guilty and unproductive when other stuff needs done. I prioritise, but not the right stuff. Not the things that make me happy. And really the housework does NOT make me happy but a clean house does make me feel calm.

But I can never win this battle. I don’t have a showhouse I have a home. And in my home lives messy people – I’m including myself in that category. I can’t pick up everything as fast as it gets put back in the wrong place. I have an artsy-crafty little person, a very hard working husband who (rightly so) just wants to chill when he comes home. A dog who loves smelly things to roll in. And far too much stuff.

This isn’t a post about – My family/husband should do more. Woe betide me… I have a wonderful, amazing man that makes me smile every day. He’s my love. He’s just messy – He also HATES being called messy :D. He helps lots and he wouldn’t complain about half the things that I feel the need to fix.

But sometimes the little things all mount up and feel like big stuff – know what I mean?


I need a list. A better list. I need to make time for the stuff that makes me happy. But first I need to get into a better routine. Any housework that can’t be done in an hour after the school run doesn’t get done until I’ve typed my words.

So, from tomorrow onwards word count I am coming to get you.

Tomorrow I’m going to sit in my kitchen drink a huge mug of coffee and type…

Wish me luck?

Do you have any good routines that I should be (stealing) adopting?

13 thoughts on “In Everyday Life – How do you deal with all the daily distractions? #amreading #amwriting #amblogging

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  1. I now have a new love affair with housework all because of a set of Bose headphones given to me for Christmas by my husband a few years ago. I’m always listening to a book when I’m not reading or doing something that requires my full attention. Audiobooks are my salvation, especially as my library does a great job offering a full array of wonderful titles. And now, my exercising has ramped up because I can listen to a book while walking.

    It really works for me.

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    1. I’ve been looking at headphones! I do love a good audiobook and I do listen to them on my Alexa but I’m always moving about the house when I’m cleaning. I love my Audible subscription.


  2. When I write my to-do list, I always include small tasks, like vacuuming only one room, so the work doesn’t take too long, and I can do another room the next day. And, very important; I always put down reading. Blogging is whenever I have time, though. These days, I seem to have put it on the back burner as I’m looking for jobs!

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    1. I like that tip – thank you. I was reading another blog (organised mum…or something like that) and it had everything organised by room as well. Something I’m going to try. Plus breaking things up means more ticked off items and that’s always a good thing!

      Good luck Job hunting!

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