The wife’s shadow by Cath Weeks #bookreview #ARC #providedforreview

Book Blurb

Every woman has a secret…

Everyone admires Suzy and her doll’s house life. She has a gorgeous family, a beautiful home and a successful business. But Suzy hasn’t always been in control. In her past lies a shadowy tale of fear and instability – a life that she once ran away from, and has hidden from ever since.

When Suzy starts being followed, she fears that her past may finally be catching up with her. And when she finds herself unable to do what to her is the most important thing – keep her loved ones safe – she has to decide how far she’d be willing to go to win everything back.

Even if it means sacrificing everything she knows and loves…


The wife’s shadow by Cath Weeks was a good read, it is another domestic thriller type family drama with a twisty ending.

The writing was good.

The story was good.

And I thought the characters were all portrayed very well. It was good.

Plus, I didn’t completely guess all the whys of the ending if I did guess the who. But I felt that the ending suited the story and although it might have been a touch far fetched at points it was a good journey to get there.

The pacing of the story was good, although maybe a tiny tad slow. I loved the little scenes in between chapters from the different timeline. I really enjoyed the whole build-up of the novel. I almost prefer a character-driven story, and in this case, I enjoyed following Suzy as she confronted her traumatic past and faced her rather terrifying present. Suzy was an easy character to like.

There were also some very creepy scenes. Moments in the plot that made me regret reading the book in the dark. Made me want to go and check my front door was securely locked. I love when a book sends shivers up your spine. And makes you pause.

The wife’s shadow by Cath Weeks was a solid read.

It kept me interested from the very first page and for me it was a fast read that I didn’t want to put down.

But if I’m being very honest the book just didn’t quite stand out from the pack. That is not a big criticism, The wife’s shadow by Cath Weeks delivered exactly what it should have, I think I’ve just read too many similar books of late. A change is needed.

The wife’s shadow by Cath Weeks will be published on 28th March 2019.

I received a copy of the The wife’s shadow by Cath Weeks from the publisher via NetGalley, the review is my own opinion.

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  1. That’s such a fair review, I think these kinds of domestic noir thrillers are so common it’s understandable some don’t quite live up to expectations or have the necessary pace, I’m with you, it needs to be eventful and revealing quickly to keep me hooked.

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  2. Great review, fair and to the point! This genre is becoming very common now so I guess the plot needs to be really intriguing so that readers can be on the edge of their seats 😊

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