The Nudge Man by Keith Nixon #blogtour #providedforreview

I have sat down twice now to write my review and I have yet to figure out what I want to say.

I am still waiting for inspiration…

I’m sure it will arrive at any moment…now…or now… or maybe now…


Oh well, I better just get on with it.

First up – I enjoyed the book.

At points I enjoyed The Nudge Man by Keith Nixon a lot. The book certainly wasn’t dull. It was filled with ‘characters’ and yes all books are filled with characters, but I mean characters. The memorable sort. The rather dodgy sort. The weird sort. The violent sort. Characters. Plus Bonzo the dog was brilliant. Brilliant.

The writing was great and the pacing was good. But at points I just kept on feeling a little lost. I couldn’t always get to grips with the reasoning of the characters. At time I felt that there was almost a bit too much happening in the book, too many characters, too many plot twists, and maybe too many locations. I felt a bit confused. And it took me a while to get into the story.

Could this have been me and not the book? Absolutely.

But I didn’t always understand the actions of the characters – I have questions. Questions, I obviously can’t ask or won’t discuss here because of SPOILERS. And nobody likes a spoiler. NOBODY!

I am not sure that I have done the book justice with this review, because I’ve struggled to get my feelings about it articulated. It was good and it was entertaining, even if I didn’t quite get the motivations behind the characters behaviour. I would definitely read more in the series.

Overall, I thought The Nudge Man by Keith Nixon was a memorable read, filled with a very memorable set of characters.

Would I recommended it? Yes, I believe I would.

I received a copy of The Nudge Man by Keith Nixon from the publisher, via the blog tour organisers – the review and opinions are my own.

Book Blurb

A washed up reporter, an escaped convict, a sociopathic gangster. All are hunting The Nudge Man…

“There’s only one of me. I’m not a hitman. I’m unique, one of a kind. I’m The Nudge Man.”

Wheelchair bound, born again, ex-gangster, Eric Hennessey offers down on his luck reporter, Harrison Vaughan, a job. Find The Nudge Man, a mysterious vigilante who’s stolen most of Hennessey’s money, ill-gotten gains which now Hennessey wants to use to do God’s work. Trouble is, Harry has no desire to work for a sociopathic murderer, even if he is an apparently changed man.

Harry is estranged from his family, he hasn’t seen or heard from them in over five years, since a fabricated scandal destroyed his career. Harry believes his wife walked out on him and took the children. However, Hennessey tells Vaughan it was The Nudge Man who set him up for the fall. Find The Nudge Man and Harry has the chance for redemption and maybe even his family back.

However, Hennessey has another objective in mind. Unknown to Harry his family were taken into witness protection and had to cut ties with everyone after Harry’s son saw a murder – carried out by Eric Hennessey. But the witness protection programme was compromised and the Vaughans had to go off the grid, they couldn’t contact anybody. Hennessey has been looking for them ever since and now may have a way in – Harry himself.

Harry’s search begins in prison, visiting violent criminal Pomfrey Lavender – apparently Lavender has information which will help. But Lavender is suffering various medical problems, including a psychological condition whereby he believes he’s already dead. Harry’s mention of The Nudge Man sends Lavender into a rage and he threatens to kill Harry should he pursue his objective. Harry is relieved Lavender is behind bars. Trouble is, two days later Lavender breaks out.

And others are on the trail of The Nudge Man, including the British government and an American secret service agent. Then there’s the lawyer who offers Harry £1m. All Harry has to do is stay away from The Nudge Man…

With more questions than answers and hapless guard dog, Bonzo at his side who’s bark is definitely worse than his bite, Harry begins his search.

Can Harry find The Nudge Man and save his family? Or will Hennessey exact his revenge?


Keith Nixon is a British born writer of crime and historical fiction novels. Originally, he trained as a chemist, but Keith is now in a senior sales role for a high-tech business. Keith currently lives with his family in the North West of England. Twitter: @knntom Facebook: Keithnixonauthor Blog:

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  1. I guess we all get such books once in a while. We enjoy them, they’re good but we don’t really understand how to put it in words. I’ve been there too.

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