Audiobook, Kindle or print – does the choice matter to you? #books #amreading

Audiobooks – I love them.

I was about to use my latest Audible credit when it occurred to me that maybe I should be more selective in my choice.

I pick my audiobooks more or less the same way I pick any books – I see a good cover, or a blurb that intrigues me, or I get a recommendation (more often than not from a fellow #bookblogger).

I don’t even usually pay attention to the narrator – unless it’s Wil Wheaton. After listening to him narrate Ready Player One he is my favourite audible narrator. Who doesn’t love Wil?

But, I don’t really think about what novel would suit an audiobook format for my reading habits.

Let me explain…

I recently listened to the audiobook (from Audible) of Nine perfect strangers by Liane Moriarty and I didn’t love it.

I liked it.

I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I had expected too.

In general, I am a huge fan of Liane Moriarty and although I haven’t read all her books yet (NEED MORE READING TIME) I have read several and I have never been disappointed.

So, it got me wondering if the format of the book matters to me (we are all different)…

I am in NO WAY debating the merit of audiobooks – I love them. Love them. And I count them as reading. I count them towards my Goodreads challenge, and I review them pretty much as I would a kindle, paperback or hardback novel. Books are books.


I wonder if I would have enjoyed Nine perfect strangers more if I had read it rather than listened to it?

When I was initially thinking about this blog post, I realised that my favourite audiobooks tend to be slightly lighter reads, I favour funny Rom-Coms or thrillers – but the less complicated type.

My listening habits – I listen while doing other things. A lot of the time it’s rather simple tasks such as cleaning or cooking, but I very rarely just sit down and drink my coffee and listen to a chapter or two, like I would with a print or kindle book. I probably don’t focus on the story to the same extent.

Nine perfect strangers was 19+ hours of many different and complex character stories and interactions. There was over 10 main-ish characters and a lot going on, it was detailed.


If you are interested you can find my review HERE.

So to finally get to the point….

Was my enjoyment of Nine perfect strangers somewhat impacted upon because I was distracted? Would I have enjoyed it more if I had read a print copy? Was it just too complex a story that didn’t suit my multitasking audiobook ways?


I’m not sure I can answer my own question, it was just a thought. But, I will try re-reading Nine perfect strangers at some point.

I will never stop listening to audiobooks, I love them too much. But, I might start thinking about my choices a little more…

I am only discussing nine perfect strangers in this blog post because I recently listened to it – I am sure if I looked through my audio reading history it wouldn’t be the only novel I would question.

I was thinking of getting Mark Lawrence’s Red Sister on audio, but I now think I might wait and get it on kindle instead…

32 thoughts on “Audiobook, Kindle or print – does the choice matter to you? #books #amreading

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  1. This is such a thought-provoking post! 🙂

    I really struggle to focus on audio stuff – I’ve tried listening to podcasts and I get so distracted and miss a whole bunch! Because of this, I haven’t ever actually tried listening to an audiobook. I wish I were able to concentrate better, and I’m thinking of ways I could work on honing the skill – it’d be a lot more convenient to listen to an audiobook on the treadmill than trying to read a physical book (which is something I’ve actually done, ha!).

    That being said, you raise a brilliant point. I think the narrator definitely would influence how much I enjoy whatever I’m currently “reading”, and certain types of books might not lend themselves to audio format as easily as others. I love Liane Moriarty’s work, too!

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  2. I love and read all formats for different reasons. I’ve recently discovered audio books and some books just work brilliantly. I’ve stopped a few due to not liking the narration which is why love that you can return them on audible. I’ve learnt to listen to the sample.

    I’ve loved Will Wheaton since Toy Soldiers as a teen do I’m adding that to my list.

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    1. You should add Ready player one to your list it was FAB and Will Wheaton definitely added something.

      I am starting to listen to the sample first now before happily clicking purchase. Live and learn.


  3. Interesting post. I struggle to concentrate with audio books – however the narrators voice can make a huge difference to enjoyment levels. If I’m reviewing then I would rather read a copy as it sticks in my mind more.

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  4. The main bulk of my reading is done by audiobook and I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to dislike a book based on who’s reading it rather than the actual story itself. If I hate the narrator I return that book so fast and get my credit back for a new book.

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  5. I multitask with audiobooks too. I definitely agree with you though. I listened to the audiobook of The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and it was so complicated and hard to follow; I definitely think I would have enjoyed it more as a physical book. I tend to keep audiobooks for rereads of old favourites where I already know the story and don’t have to concentrate as much!

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  6. You raise a really great point, Jules! I, too, have certain genres that work better for me on audio. I have a tough time reading fantasy but find that the narrators generally selected for audiobooks are skilled storytellers, which works so well for me. Just about all of my mystery/suspense/thriller reading is on audio because they hold my attention no matter what I’m doing.

    I just finished listening to an historical fiction novel that I believe I might have better enjoyed if I’d read it. There were lots of complicated transitions to three different eras with slow reveals in each of them. I just got terribly confused and felt lost all the time. The narrator didn’t make accommodations for that but the book did. I had no way of knowing beforehand but should have switched to the eBook after the first hour, which I’ve done before and it made a difference.

    I do sometimes sit and listen to a book but then I’ll be playing mindless games as I listen. It works for me💜

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  7. Great post!

    I have never listened to an audio book. I prefer reading instead. Although, who knows maybe one day I’ll listen to a story vs. reading it.

    I actually got Nine Perfect Strangers on sale at the bookstore not too long ago. Hope to read that this year at some point. I loved her other book Big Little Lies, the HBO adaptation was so good.

    Currently reading In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware.

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  8. The TV series of Big little lies was SO GOOD. I loved the book and the TV series and I genuinely don’t know what I liked more.

    I’ve yet to read anything by Ruth Ware but I have one of her books – I hope you are enjoying your book. Happy reading!


  9. That’s an interesting point that I haven’t thought about before – I tend to avoid audiobooks generally as I can’t focus, and I avoid Kindle where possible as well because I get bad migraines from screens. I think I prefer the print experience overall but I imagine some novels are amazing as audiobooks – probably more visually descriptive fantasy or action books where the reader can really bring the story to life.


  10. I’ve only just started listening to audiobooks and like you find I don’t give them the same focus as a physical book or Kindle copy. I couldn’t sit and listen like I would sit and read. My mind just wanders. But if I’m out for a walk or on the bus or doing the dishes, on go the headphones. So far, I’ve only listened to two and chose them because they were books I hadn’t got a physical copy of but was desperate to read. So I think it’s fair to say that I’ve chosen them the way I choose my real books. The narrator can make or break a book though I think.

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    1. The more audiobooks I listen too the more I do agree that the narrator can bring up an average book or lower a great book in terms of my enjoyment. I’m now a sample listener before I buy 😀

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

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