The Shining by Stephen King #Winner #Lucky #ImInLove #AmReading @foliosociety @The_WriteReads

So last week I got a rather happy message via Twitter from Dave (@The_WriteReads) informing me that I had won The Write Reads gang giveaway sponsored by The Folio Society.

I won an amazing £50 gift voucher to spend on any of the wide selection of beautiful books they offer. And the books are all beautiful.

It was a tough decision. Tough.

It took me ages to decide. I looked at almost every book they offered but then The Shining by Stephen King caught my attention. How could it not? Have you seen the book? –

I’ve yet to read The shining – I know! Terrible, considering I’m a King fan. But now I don’t only get to read The shining, I get to read The Folio Society’s edition and it’s something special.

I was delighted when the box arrived at my door. Even the box was lovely.

I love book mail.

There are about 11 illustrations in the book and they are all striking – a bit disturbing maybe, but striking. I mean it is Stephen King after all! They need to make a statement, and they do. I’m not sure yet what any of the illustrations are of, but I am looking forward to finding out as I read the book.

The illustrations are by the artist – Edward Kinsella, and I think it is safe to say I’m now a fan.

Have you read The Shining? What do you think of the illustrations above? Striking, right? A bit creepy? Good?

The book is solid – in such a good way. Each page feels thick and special. I don’t think I can do the book justice, it’s the type of hardback that needs to be held to be fully appreciated. It is in no doubt equal to its expensive price tag. It’s a collectors copy.

This isn’t the type of book that you could pick up just anywhere. It is clear that a whole lot of time and effort has gone into all aspects of its production. It is one of the nicest books I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Even the binding is nice. Something I would never even think of commenting on with regards to a regular book. But it just so well made. Special.

This will not be a book I share, I’m sorry but nobody else is getting near it! I mean come on, would you share it? Would you? I don’t think so. Does that make me mean? 🙂

I also received a beautiful notebook with thick plain pages – now I have no excuse for not having a bullet journal. And I received a Folio 2019 Diary – I was spoiled.

Do you have any Folio Society books?

I can’t wait to get started reading mine!

I plan on saving up for my next one and I imagine that these would make for a great gift.

Thank you Folio Society! Thank you for my lovely prize.

Fancy a nosy at all the books the Folio Society have to offer? Of course you do! Have a look on the Folio Society website and see all the lovely books for yourself –

37 thoughts on “The Shining by Stephen King #Winner #Lucky #ImInLove #AmReading @foliosociety @The_WriteReads

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  1. Oh, that book is stunning!! The illustrations look perfectly creepy.
    I haven’t read the book yet, but I plan to. I’ve seen 95% of the movie though when I was 10 … I was a liiiittle traumatized ^^
    And I agree, I wouldn’t share that book with anyone either!

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  2. Congrats! I have never read any Stephen King novel simply because I’ve read that he’s an incredible author and that most of his works are thrillers or horror (as far as I know tho I’m not sure) and I don’t read much in that genre. But I LOVE the overall look of this book. I love printed hardcovers and those illustrations are so amazing! It would really be nice to own one. You’re so lucky and I’m happy for you. I hope you’ll love this book. 💖

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