May Round-up and another THANK YOU to @The_WriteReads and @foliosociety #books #amreading #bookreviews #sunshine

I can’t quite believe the 5th month of the year is already over!

It has been a fast year, it has been a good year and I have high hopes for the remaining 7 months.

I am still completely in love with book blogging and the supportive booky community. And twitter. I spend far too much time on Twitter. I’ve discovered so many fantastic blogs and tripled my TBR pile – I now must have a lifetime of books in my wishlist. But too many books to read is never a problem.

So if you visit my blog or tweet with me over on twitter – Thank you!

May was also all about making memories – We had a fantastic family holiday. I would very much recommend The Holiday Village in Majorca – it was great. And I had a small wee person who loved the poolside dance parties. Majorca was fabulous. I would go back tomorrow! Have you been? Have you any upcoming holiday plans?

I only read 1 book in the sunshine – it was the aptly named – The Holiday by T. M Logan. Have you read it? It was good, and my review will be posted next month.

Have you had a good May? Did you read lots of great books?

I reviewed quite a few books:

The dangerous kind by Deborah O’Connor – HERE

The characters, well some of them were good, but they all made for a gripping read and in particular, I loved Jessamine.

BUT and it’s quite a big but…

The suspects by Katharine Johnson – HERE

As I said there was a lot to like.

But for some reason or another I just didn’t get invested in the story. It wasn’t quite the book for me.

Hunting Evil by Chris Carter – HERE

I love Chris Carter’s writing style and his short, little and snappy chapters and the way he succeeds at making a small cliffhanger at the end of almost each one.I find myself regularly thinking, what harm can one more 3 or 4 page chapter do and then I suddenly realise that it’s 2 am and my alarm is set for 6 am.

Stone Mothers by Erin Kelly – HERE

I thought that the whole thing was well written, and I loved the history of the Victorian hospital – The Stone Mother.

I don’t think I’ve read anything quite like it.

The Evidence Against You by Gillian McAllister – HERE

I just can’t say I loved it. Don’t get me wrong I thought that it was good, well written and a had decent plot.

I thought that The evidence against you was a solid read. Solid.

The killer you know by S.R. Masters – HERE

It was good, it had me hooked right from the start and most importantly (for me) it kept me guessing. I changed my mind about the Who, What, Why, When and Where, regularly as I was reading.

The mystery was a mystery.

Wilderness by B.E Jones – HERE

It was a character driven, slow burn story with an unreliable narrator, it drew me in from page one. I finished the whole thing in just under two days. I read Wilderness in every spare moment I had, and it kept me up late at night. Is there any better sign than a book that keeps you awake and reading at night time?

And I was also very lucky!

Big, big, big THANK YOU to @The_WriteReads for hosting an amazing giveaway and for @foliosociety for my fantastic prize – The Shining by Stephen King.

You can check out my post here – HERE

Happy reading! AND Happy Blogging!

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