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WOW – have you seen the cover design? It’s bold, it’s bright and it’s striking – I love it. What do you think?

Confession time – I haven’t finished reading the book yet. So this is a review of the opening and all I have are positive things to say.

One of the reasons I am behind on my reading of The love delusion was it wasn’t until after I said yes to the tour and received my copy (Thank you Rachel!) that I discovered it was a sequel. So I went in search of the first novel and after reading the kindle sample of The Gods of Love I just knew that I had to read that first. Personally, I don’t like reading a series out of sequence.

When I signed up for the blog tour this was posted as a Standalone so if you are not like me I imagine that you can dive right in at book 2 and understand all that is going on.

Right from the first page of The love delusion I knew that I was going to enjoy reading it, Nicola is funny. Her writing is witty, snarky and I loved her humorous observations. She reminded me a lot of Darynda Jones and her Charley Davidson series, which is one of my all time favourite series. I love Charley!

…as easily as taking a wet cloth to a whiteboard. And unless we can stop this, Dan and I are next in line for the damp flannel effect.

The Damp Flannel Effect. Didn’t I see Liam Neeson in that once?

P.2 The love Delusion

Right I’m off to read!

Have a great Friday. And hopefully, your books are filled with humour, great writing, Gods and some kick ass action.

Have a look below for the fun sounding book blurb.


That’s the belief of Frida McKenzie, devoted member of The Love Delusion movement, determined to cure humans of our ridiculous obsession with love.

But there’s something she’s forgotten…

When Frida finds a mysterious picture of herself with a man she barely knows, the certainties she has about her world begin to unravel.

What are the sinister roots of the cult that seems to have gripped humanity? Why can’t she remember anything about her life before – including the strange(ly attractive) man in that picture? And just when exactly did she take up fantasy role play?

As a battle approaches that’s been millennia in the making, it’s beginning to look like there’s only one question that really matters: if love conquers all, what happens when it’s gone?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Nicola was born and lives in Manchester. She has a Master’s degree in English Literature and has spent more time immersed in the works of Philip Larkin than is strictly healthy. Her inspirations are Stephen King, Tina Fey and Joss Whedon and as such she’s a big fan of the funny – both ha ha and peculiar. Her debut, The Gods of Love, was shortlisted for The Writers’ Guild Best first novel. The Love Delusion is the companion novel. As well as writing novels, she works as a creativity coach and has written a non-fiction book for aspiring writers, Seven Creative Gremlins. For more about Nicola visit

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