#20BooksOfSummer or The BIG NetGalley catch up! #AmReading #Books

I didn’t do that well last summer so I plan on doing better this summer!

I’m massively behind with NetGalley. I doubt that will ever change, but I hope #20BooksForSummer gives me the motivation/push to make a dent and get my ratio slightly closer to the 80% – I’m currently at 56%. Wish me luck!

And my final 5 are all books that I’ve purchased and then left neglected in the corner as ARCs have taken over. I have been reading a lot more of my own books recently and I want to stick with that trend! ARCs are great – of course they are! But isn’t there something so satisfying about making a dent (admittedly a small dent – very small) in your own chosen, special bunch of books.

I was just looking at my list one last time before I hit ‘publish’ and I realise I have missed out loads I want to read and I didn’t include any Audiobooks! I am determined to read the shortlist for the Women’s Prize 2020 before the September deadline so a few of those books might sneak in as well.

Happy reading!

#20BooksOfSummer is an annual event hosted over at – 746 Books blog running from June until September – the idea is to clear that TBR pile, well at least to make a 20 book sized dent.

66 thoughts on “#20BooksOfSummer or The BIG NetGalley catch up! #AmReading #Books

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    1. I really want to read Queenie. A friend is going to lend me her copy when we can eventually see each other again.

      The cover of The Sisters Grimm is intriguing.

      And there totally is something satisfying about making inroads into the pile of bought books.

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  1. Love your list! I’ve read and enjoyed What Lies Between Us and The Lying Game of these… And many more are on my TBR too. I hope you will enjoy these and good luck with the challenge! xx

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  2. I am very much looking forward to reading your reviews, I don’t get to read as much “grown-up” fiction as I’d like to as I’m always trying to keep up with children’s books so that I can do a good job in the school library. Therefore I depend on recommendations from reviewers for those rare occasions when I wander into the adult fiction department!

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    1. Sounds like the school is very lucky to have you! Our school doesn’t have a librarian so a few of us mums help out and try to keep it organised and I’m always on the lookout for recommendations 😀 Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

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  3. Okay, a lot of these look really great. I’m resisting running off to NetGalley to see which ones I could request. Which would totally kill my own 20 Books challenge! 🤣

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  4. Jules, it is a little comforting to know I am not the only one woefully behind on my Netgalley reading! 😅 Looks like you have some great books lined up for Cathy’s challenge – I am taking part too, but at the lower level of 10 books. Happy summer reading!🙂

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  5. Just thinking about ARC Mountain has me scratching my head in wonder because… how did these books pile up so quickly?! 😅 I’m genuinely scared to look at what my rating on NG is right now because I have a feeling it’s really not good! Haha I want to read so many of the books on here and so many of these covers are seriously gorgeous too 😍 Good luck with this challenge and happy reading!

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  6. I’ve been loving seeing everyone’s lists for this this year. I hope you have better luck than last year! Looks like you’ve got a lot of great reads planned. I really want to read Chosen Ones, also, and boy am I curious about “I Shot the Devil.” Now there’s a title that just grabs you!

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