Yay it is FRIDAY – What are you reading?

It is FRIDAY and I am glad to see the weekend!

Before I write anything about my life or what I am reading I wanted to say a few inadequate words about #BlackLivesMatter. It’s not enough I know.

I am sure everyone has been following the news and events that began with the tragic death of George Floyd – events that have sparked a global conversation. A conversation, a protest, a call for change that no-one should shy away from.


It shouldn’t have to be said but it needs to be shouted. It needs to be paid attention to and race needs to be a topic of conversation. Uncomfortable or not. I talk to my daughter about race. I talk to my friends. I donate to charities. I sign petitions. But all those things are the bare minimum anyone should be doing. We need to DO BETTER. I am going to do better. I am going to make sure my blog supports, promotes and talks more about the wealth of amazing BAME authors out there.

COVID – 19 The global pandemic is still very much here but the lockdown is slightly lessening its hold in Scotland – I am grateful I can at least now go and see friends/family outside. A hug would be nice but a conversation that isn’t over the phone is great after such a long period of separation. And my daughter being able to scoot alongside her friends has made her happy.

Updates with me –

I have FINALLY started the couch to 5k! I am doing it with the hubby, which always makes it more fun. And I bought some amazing bright leggings! Because – WHY not!?! And yes I have worn them out while walking around my little village. Leggings are from – LucyLocketLoves in case anyone was interested 😀

I have also been very much enjoying reading in the sunshine – I finished the wonderful Before I say I do by Vicki Bradley with my feet cooling off in the paddling pool – bliss!

And I gave the dog a haircut because his usual groomer wasn’t available and he was ROASTING in the heat – The photo doesn’t show you some of the bits where I accidentally gave him a close shave, but I am happy to report we are still the best of friends.

What are you reading?

I plan on spending my weekend making some progress in Such a fun age by Kiley Reid and starting The Truants by Kate Weinberg.

Have a nice weekend

If you haven’t already you should definitely head over to Meggy’s wonderful blog – Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles to read her latest #ThePositivityWave blog post.

15 thoughts on “Yay it is FRIDAY – What are you reading?

Add yours

  1. I have wanted to try couch to 5k, but now it’s so unbearably hot here I’m sure I’d start a day or 2 and stop, haha. Good luck with it!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve heard lots of good things about that one – I added it to my wishlist, but I think I will have to get a copy soon. Happy reading! And I will try and watch out for your review.
      Thank you!


    1. I hope you feel better soon Meggy!
      I’ve just ordered myself a new pair of trainers as well! 😀 😀 Your updates was one of the reasons I finally started and I’m enjoying it (So far :D)
      That sounds good, I need a change of genre sometimes from crime novels too because although it’s genre I love – a lighter read is always a welcome break. Happy reading! xxx


  2. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Such A Fun Age! Recently got that in the mail and I’m looking forward to reading it as I think it’ll be quite relevant to everything that’s happening right now… 😦 Those leggings look awesome and that challenge (couch to 5k) sounds like something I need to be doing as well because the couch part is really starting to show 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve just finished Such a fun age and I couldn’t put it down – I spent all day Sunday reading and I read almost 70% in one sitting, which is something I almost never do! Mostly because no one gives me enough peace 😀 😀

      I love my leggings – I have ordered some more pairs which are just as bright but different patterns 🙂

      Have a lovely week!


  3. Love your bright, colorful leggings! We could all use a bit of color in our lives at this point. 😀 Sounds like the perfect time to start Couch to 5K, and doing it together is always fun. Great job with your grooming, too. Doesn’t even look traumatized, so I’d say you did a good job. 😉


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