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I am not always a big (or small) fan of love triangles in my fiction – it’s just a trope that doesn’t always appeal to me. I have seen it done brilliantly, but more often than not it isn’t something I enjoy. A love square thou? The title certainly caught my attention! And I loved the cover design – CUTE.

Plus the book synopsis sounded a lot of fun and after reading some rather dark crime fiction I needed a little laughter and a little love in my reading so I jumped in…

And I loved The Love Square.

Book Blurb:

She’s single. But that doesn’t mean it’s not complicated…

Penny Bridge has, historically, been very unlucky in love. She’s pledged to focus on other things – her friends, her career – making the most of what busy London life has to offer.

But when difficult circumstances mean that Penny’s uncle must hand over the kitchen of his beloved restaurant in Derbyshire, she finds herself stepping into a new life in a new town.

And as luck would have it, she’s suddenly confronted with one remarkable man who wants to date her, followed by another. And then another…

So begins a hilarious love-square with Penny firmly in the middle…

Laura Jane Williams is a great writer and I loved the story, but what I loved most was the characters. I loved Penny. I rooted for Penny, I wanted to talk some sense into Penny and I had all my fingers and toes crossed that Penny would end up with the happy ending she very much deserved. But it wasn’t just Penny I loved, I liked everyone – all 3 of the main male leads and her best friends. Sharon and Stuart should have their own books! The characters were loveable but had enough flaws and missteps to bring them to life, it was easy to spend several hours in their company.

Nothing in the book was all that realistic but it was a fun RomCom with some interesting characters and a big dollop of sexy times thrown into the mix. Sometimes I want to read smart plots with lots of twists and turns and sometimes I just want to read something where I know there will be a lovely happy ending. Don’t get me wrong – The Love Square was well written, well-paced and had a cracking plot, I just knew I was going to get my Happy Ever After.

Overall, The Love Square was a fun, entertaining and great read. Was it perfect? No. Was I entertained? Absolutely! The first thing I did after finishing the last page of The Love Square was to go and purchase a copy of Laura Jane Williams first book – Our Stop.

Have you read The Love Square or Our Stop? Do you want to?

I received a copy of the book for review from the publisher, via NetGalley – Thank you!

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  1. I’ve seen this one come up a couple of times. Like you, I’m not a love-triangle kinda gal but this sounds like such a fun read and strong main characters are always a win for me! Great review.

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      1. Ours are only open for curbside pick up and honestly that can change any day since the numbers in California are going UP rather than down.

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