#BOOKREVIEW: Every sky a grave by Jay Posey #Gifted #ProvidedForReview #EverySkyAGrave

When I read that Every sky a grave by Jay Posey was recommended for fans of Star Wars I couldn’t resist! Could you!?!?! Even though **cough** I still need to watch the more recent films **cough** something I will fix soon. Hopefully. Time allowing. When the mood strikes.

I have recently very much enjoyed the Mandalorian, although it did take me a while to get into it but I am looking forward to the next series and some more baby Yoda – although I didn’t like him as much as I had hoped – controversial, I know! Anyway, I was intrigued by Every sky a grave by Jay Posey. And it does have one of the best sci-fi book blurbs I have read this year…



Mankind has spread out and conquered the galaxy by mastering the fundamental language of the universe. With the right training, the right application of words, truth itself can be rearranged.
Language is literally power.

Peace reigns now. Order reigns.

For if a planet deviates too far from what the authorities plan, an agent is sent out to correct that. To quietly and with great skill, end that world.

One such agent is Elyth – a true believer.

But on a clandestine mission to stop an uprising before it can truly begin, Elyth comes to realise she hasn’t been told the whole truth herself. There’s so much she doesn’t know. How can there be people whose truth is different to that of the authorities?

Elyth’s faith in the powers that be is shaken just when she needs it most. While on her mission, a dark and unknown presence makes itself known at the edges of the galaxy – and it cannot be controlled, for nobody knows its name…

I enjoyed it. Well, most of it.

I loved the writing and Jay Posey has a wonderful way with description, but I found the world-building a little confusing and I got a wee bit lost near the beginning. It could have just been me thou!?! Despite that, Every sky a grave was an easy read and it certainly had an ending that left me wanting more.

I also liked the use of ‘deep language’ as a weapon, I kind of thought of it was more akin to magic/fantasy than science fiction. I did start reading Every sky a grave expecting it to be a solid sci-fi and it wasn’t, it fell somewhere between the sci-fi and fantasy genre – an interesting middle ground. A middle ground I want to read more of.

My one and only problem with the book was I didn’t really care for the main character – Elyth. I wanted to like her. I wanted to love the kickass wonder women that knows everything, can do everything and makes very short work of destroying whole planets. Yes, whole planets! (I loved the cover design and title until I realised they were a tad sinister.) BUT. That was also my problem, after the first quarter I got tired of Elyth’s ability to be wonderful at EVERYTHING.  She needed more flaws! Elyth needed some personality. She was young. AMAZING. Knew everything. Could do everything. And I started to skim some of the chapters after the first 30% despite it being well-written.

Every sky a grave by Jay Posey wasn’t quite for me. It was certainly a good story, with a lot of action and some memorable moments – I have no doubt it will be loved. I liked it, I just didn’t feel invested in all of Elyth’s journey. It was well written, well paced and was crammed full of action – if it sounds appealing to you then give it a shot.

I received a copy of the book for review from the publisher, via NetGalley – THANK YOU! Every Sky a grave by Jay Posey is available to buy now.

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