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FIRST of all my apologies! My post didn’t go live this morning – I would love to blame WordPress as I thought I had it scheduled, but I am sure it was more a case of **cough** human error **cough**.


And WINNER of my ALL time favourite novel title goes to COWS CAN’T JUMP by Philip Bowne. I knew I wanted to read it as soon as I read the title – and I also LOVE the cover design.

Who wouldn’t want to read a book with the title of Cows can’t jump, right!?!?!

If you haven’t guessed already – this is going to be a POSITIVE review! I loved it – or I’ve loved almost all of it so far, as I haven’t had the time to finish it. Real life is getting in the way of everything at the moment – but my house is almost all redecorated and organised for the (dreaded, although I am not sure why – dreaded!) home report on Monday.

ANYWAY – Cows can’t jump has been the reading tonic I’ve desperately needed when I’ve been overtired and in need of some entertaining reading. And entertained it has.

Book Blurb:

How far would you go for love? Winner of the Spotlight First Novel prize, Philip Bowne’s debut novel is an explosive coming-of-age odyssey. 18-year-old Billy is desperate to leave home. He’s working the ultimate dead-end job as a grave-digger. His Grandad’s engaged to a woman half his age, his Dad’s become obsessed with boxing, and his Mum’s certainly having an affair. Everything is changing, and Billy hates it. Meeting the older, mysterious Eva, though, changes everything. She’s passionate about Russian literature, Gary Numan, windfarms and chai tea, and Billy gambles everything for a chance to be with her. His scramble across Europe involves hitch-hiking with truckers, walking with refugees, and an encounter with suicidal cows. But the further he goes, the harder it is to be sure what he’s chasing – and what he’s running from. For everyone who wants to break out and follow their dreams.

Funny! Philip Bowne is funny. I loved the humour in the book, I loved it from page one. I am sure I read another review that used the word – joyous and I thought YES. Cows can’t jump is joyous. It’s a great big hoot of a read so far, and I can’t wait to delve back in.

But Cow can’t jump isn’t just funny. It has depth, it has wit and it is jam packed with interesting characters. It also has a touch of tragedy and a bit of a serious backbone. I am very much intrigued as to where the story will end up and I am enjoying the rather hilarious journey to get there. I am rooting for Billy even if he is a little naΓ―ve and I am sometimes FRUSTRATED at some of the choices he makes.

Cows can’t jump has kept me entertained when I thought I was too tired to read. And it has made me laugh out loud (really – it has!) while also leaving me feeling very annoyed by where the story has gone. I’m invested. It’s just a whole lot of fun reading so far. And details – I love little details in my literature and Philip Bowne does an amazing job at noticing the little things.

Great writing, good pacing and if I could just keep my eyes open to read it I am sure I would have been done ages ago. I don’t doubt that people will love it. It’s an interesting book.

I’m sure this review is littered with typos – I’m knackered this week. I apologise and I will be around more next week to catch up with comments and other blogs – Happy weekend.

I received a copy of the book for review, which was all arranged by the wonderful blog tour organiser, Anne – Thank you!

Do you want to read it?

3 thoughts on “#BLOGTOUR: Cows can’t jump by Philip Bowne #Gifted #ProvidedForReview #CoverLove #CowsCantJump @RandomTTours @Chumpybloke @NeemTreePress

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  1. Excellent review, Jules. πŸ™‚ You’re right: the title is catchy and the cover is gorgeous. The blurb is pretty interesting too. I love books with humor with just a tinge of grief to balance it, plus character-driven stories – ooh, they are my staple diet! Thanks for the recommendation!

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