A bit of an update… #Books #Life #BloggingIsHard #Autumn #MovingHome

It feels like AGES since I last posted anything other than a blog tour post (but I do love those) and that’s just because life has been busier than usual and my head hasn’t had the space for blogging. My anxiety and stress levels have also been a bit all over the place because we have recently put our gorgeous, lovely home on the market.

Today is the start of week 4 on the market! I have learned that I am not the sort of person that finds it easy to have no control over when I will be moving.

I want to move. Most days. I keep changing my mind from wishing the house will sell tomorrow to being fine if it takes six months or so… Does everyone feel like this when selling a home?

I think moving is the right thing to do for my family, but I am going to be SO SAD to say goodbye to this house. Heartbreakingly. Sad.

It has been the house that I’ve grown from a just-married 20 something to a mother, to a nearly 40 year old (sometimes acting it) adult. We bought the house over a decade ago with the hope of filling it with a big family, but that wasn’t to be. Infertility nearly stole that dream from me, it nearly broke me to a point I am not sure I would have been entirely fixable and then my beautiful baby girl arrived – she’s now in Primary 3. We are a perfect little family. But sometimes this house still reminds me I wanted a more hectic, different life.

So, it is time to say goodbye.

It’s also time to move for many other reasons, to reduce my hubby’s commute, I want more on our doorstep than a little village can provide, and I want to live somewhere that has a library. And a coffee shop.

My head has been filled to the brim with information on houses – mine and others! As well as mortgage details, school catchment areas and a million other little details. I haven’t had the head space to read, let along blog and I have been terrible at retuning or responding to any comments – apologies.

But I am making the effort to spend time on the things I love – reading, writing and blogging. So I will be around this week!

I’ve also been busy having a lot of fun and enjoying some lovely days out – Autumn is just my favourite time of year.   

I love scarves and blankets and the colours of autumn!


I’ve been buying LOADS of books lately, which I will post over on Instagram when I get caught up here. I really need to learn to multitask better, I feel like I can never quite keep up with Instagram, twitter and blogging!

My Instagram is – https://www.instagram.com/writesjules/ I attempt to follow back all bookish accounts.

I will do a bookish Wrap-up post soon.

ALSO Ready Player 2 is released later this month and I CANNOT wait. I LOVED the first one – LOVED IT!

Have a great Monday!

I hope you’ve all been keeping well and feel free to leave me any links to some of your amazing blog posts that I need to catch up with.

8 thoughts on “A bit of an update… #Books #Life #BloggingIsHard #Autumn #MovingHome

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  1. I’d wondered where you were, Jules, so thanks for the newsy update💜 Very happy that you’re okay and planning for your family’s next chapter. It’s always an emotional experience selling your home, most especially one you’ve loved. Just ride with it and you’ll be okay. I had a beloved townhome that hit the market at the wrong time and took forever to sell (now it would go for 5 times what I sold it for) but that delay prevented me from buying the wrong house and allowed me to get the perfect one instead. I just didn’t know it at the time. We’ve been in our current home almost 25 years now! I share this only to reduce your stress about it all🥰

    Welcome back! You were missed.


  2. Good luck with the move lovely. It is bloody tough! Do you have ideas where you are going to go? I did it last year, I miss being away from my family but we decided to buy where we are. Plus with the boy in the army its hard to predict where he will be, so I made roots here. Hugs xx


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