Woohoo – I #read 7 #books in January… #TBR #BookReviews #AmReading

I’m only 9 days late with my January 2021 round-up! I think I’ve been later…maybe.

How was your January?!?! – The month that kept on going and going and going... or at least it felt that way. Especially, this year with the ongoing #LOCKDOWN and home-schooling. Like everyone else I will feel better when there seems to be a bit more of a plan in place for lifting restrictions, but who knows when that will be. Anyway, enough gloom and doom and back to BOOKS. Lovely, lovely books.

I read 7 books in January and only 1 of them was a review book. ONE. And the rest were from my forever growing TBR pile!

One of my 2021 reading goals is to read more of my own books, so I’m going to consider January as #Winning on the TBR front. So, in no particular order lets have a look at what I read…

My own TBR – making a dent!

I started Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers as an audiobook, but I couldn’t get into the story. I found the beginning quite a struggle but after reading so many glowing reviews from reviewers I trusted I wondered if it was just not an audiobook fit for me – I tend to listen to my audiobooks when my body is busy. So I picked up the kindle edition and off I went and I don’t know if it was getting past the beginning or reading rather than listening, but I ended up adoring Jean and her story. I love historical fiction and this one was beautifully written and crafted, even if it did leave me a bit broken hearted at the end. Small pleasures was a memorable read with a strong character led tragic story. Worth struggling past the first few chapters for.

Those who lie by Diane Jeffrey‘s was good. I loved the first three quarters, I rooted for the characters and I was invested in their lives. I just didn’t quite love the ending twists – I felt they didn’t fit. I was left wondering – Why? Why, had our main character not noticed something before, how had she missed all these important facts in her life. It was clever, it just didn’t feel real – and I know it is fiction, but when it’s a crime/family drama I expect a realistic scenario. As I said thou, it was good, well written and well plotted, I just didn’t quite believe the big reveal. I will most definitely be reading more from Diane Jeffrey in the future thou.

Can anyone have missed all the Bridgerton excitement?!?! After a brief hesitation because I do prefer to read the books first I was completely drawn in by the Netflix series trailer and I LOVED the whole eight episodes – I was a wee bit WOWed by it. The acting, the costumes, the casting were all in my opinion impeccable choices. SO I watched the series and then I read the book.

And I liked the book, it was good. Well written, a lot of fun and I flew through the pages. But I LOVED the TV series so much more. Does that make me a bad #BookBlogger!?!? I do have plans to read the next book in the Bridgerton series soon as I along with half the population await the next Netflix insrallment.

I believe I’ve blogged before about my love of Karina Halle – I adore her horror books and I quite like a few of her more contemporary romances, but I just didn’t connect with The Pact – I didn’t like her characters, which I think is a first for me. I read it, but I wouldn’t recommend you start with this book. Read Love Wrecked or any of her Experiment in Terror series.

The Pact by Karina Halle was only an ok read for me, not a favourite and not one I would ever bother picking up again. But, it has not dampened my love for her novels and time allowing I really want to do a re-read of her Experiment in Terror series.


How to Date your dragon by Molly Harper was a lot of fun. A. LOT. OF. FUN. I even unattractively snorted out loud at a part with, well a unicorn horn. I love Molly Harper, I find her books a joy and such an easy read. When life is stressful I just want to be entertained and with How to date your dragon I was entertained from start to finish. It was great. I listened to the audiobook and I LOVED the narrators Amanda Ronconi and Jonathan Davis, they are both SO very talented and really brought a little extra to the story.

I LOVE, love, LOVE the writing duo that is Ilona Andrews. I’ve re-read most of the books I own from them. They are my favourites. FAVOURITES.

I find the worlds they create so interesting and the characters just perfect for the genre – mostly urban fantasy with a big helping of paranormal romance. These books are fantasy. Pure escapism. And entertaining.

I cannot recommend The Hidden Legacy series highly enough! READ THEM.

Review books:

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of The Push by Ashley Audrain and I LOVED it. I think it’s going to be one of the book highlights from 2021 – bold statement, I know. But I couldn’t put it down!

And that cover – it has to be one of the best cover designs I’ve seen in a while.

BLOG POST – HERE, for anyone that wants to take a look.

Happy reading in February!

8 thoughts on “Woohoo – I #read 7 #books in January… #TBR #BookReviews #AmReading

Add yours

  1. 7 books is great!
    Ohh, I only now learned from you that Illona Andrews is two ppl. I wanted to try their work for a while now…
    And… I think you messed up a year in your intro. Just thought maybe I should tell you.
    Also, I haven’t watched Bridgerton tv show but I noticed many ppl prefer it before the books, so no, it does not make you a bad book blogger. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I try and give everything a quick re-read before I press publish but my lack of editing is often evident 🙂 😀

      I LOVE Ilona Andrews, her Kate Daniels series is my absolute favourite but the first book is a little weak.

      Happy reading!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jonetta and sorry for the LATE reply – I’ve been reading more than blogging and I think it has been a break I’ve needed. It’s been lovely just reading what I’ve wanted without any pressure of a deadline or trying to review everything. But I’m back now and I will be over to catch up with your fantastic blog later 😀 x


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