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Lovewrecked WRECKED my nights sleep – I stayed up until after 3am reading it and I was bleary-eyed and sleepy all of the next day, but I had NO regrets. NONE. Nada. Zilch.

It was exactly the light, fluffy, STEAMY and easy to enjoy romance I was in the mood for.

Book Blurb:

What happens when you take a grumpy yet oh-so sexy groomsman, add a cheerful maid-of-honor that gets under his skin, and strand them on a deserted island together? Lovewrecked is the sexiest, funniest, sweetest romantic comedy of the year, from the NYT bestselling author of The Pact and A Nordic King

Daisy Lewis is experiencing a relentless string of bad luck.

Fortunately, Daisy has her sister’s destination wedding coming up. A week of sand, sea, and sun in the South Pacific as the maid-of-honor is exactly what Daisy needs to forget her upturned life and focus on the positive.

That is until Daisy meets the best man.

If you take tall, dark, and handsome, and add a dash of rugged, a pinch of brooding, and a whole lot of sexy, you’ve got Tai Wakefield. Unfortunately he’s also a major grump, total alpha, and seemingly out to antagonize Daisy at every turn.

As if being part of the wedding party with Tai wasn’t bad enough, Daisy’s bad luck soon resurfaces when she ends up on a cramped sailboat with Tai and the newlyweds.

Which then shipwrecks on a deserted island near Fiji.

Okay, so they aren’t completely alone. There’s an oddball research scientist who has been isolated for far too long, they have rundown bungalows as shelter, stores of water and canned food, plus a feral goat named Wilson.

It’s Lost…without the smoke monster.

But with rescue weeks away, Tai and Daisy realize the only way they’re going to get through this mess is to stop fighting and start working together.

And with their guards down, they get closer.

A lot closer.

Soon, Daisy realizes that the only thing worse than being stuck on a deserted island, is being stuck on a deserted island with a man she hates to love and loves to hate.

A man that can break her heart.

Lovewrecked is a full-length complete standalone contemporary romance with foul language and graphic sex scenes. Readers discretion is advised.

I think that might be the longest book blurb I’ve copied over onto a blog post. It’s a good one thou, it grabbed my attention. And I did something I very, very, very rarely do – I started the book they same day it arrived on my kindle. My usual process is to buy a book and then take a year or two to actually read it 🙂 Not the world’s best system. But I’m guessing a very common reader’s system.


First off I have a WARNING – This review is gushing.

It is a big gushy review because I absolutely LOVED it and I have a total author crush on Karina Halle. I have enjoyed pretty much everything I have ever read by Karina Halle, she has a lovely, impressive and addictive way with words – I find her books impossible to put down. IMPOSSIBLE.

The characters were great. I believed and completely bought into the relationship starting and burning between Daisy and Tai, I liked both of them. ALOT. And I wanted them to have that happy ever after I knew was coming. The book wasn’t perfect (it wasn’t far from it), but some of the characters were maybe a tad one dimensional and a little uncomplicated (I’m thinking less of the main characters Daisy and Tai and more about her sister and brother-in-law that just got married – I’ve already forgot their names!! oops). But, I LOVED the goat – yes you read that right there was a goat, named Wilson. And no I’m not going to say anymore about that other than go and read it for yourself because Wilson the goat totally made an impression.

I adore a good romance. It’s a huge genre but one that has a lot of hit and misses for me. I WANT the build-up, I WANT the flirting and I even WANT the slight reluctance before falling in love and that was what Karina Halle managed to deliver. It was SO worth the read. Romance done WELL. And it was just the right amount of smutty.

If you want something a bit steamy with some lovely characters then look no further, I highly recommend Lovewrecked.

Lovewrecked by Karina Halle was from my own personal TBR pile, which I’m conquering (haha – as if!) one book at a time.

Have you read it? Are you a Karina Halle fan?

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