#Spotlight: What beauty there is by Cory Anderson #TheWriteReads #BlogTour #ReviewToFollow #WhatBeautyThereIs #UltimateBlogTour @coryanderwrites @penguinplatform

Hello! And welcome to my stop (first post) on the blog tour for What beauty there is by Cory Anderson - I've yet to receive my lovely, lovely ARC in the post so I am just sharing my excitement of what is to come... when I've read the book I will post a review :)... Continue Reading →

#BlogTour: The secret diary of a new mum (Aged 43 1/4) by Cari Rosen #ProvidedForReview @RandomTTours @Cazroz @Duckbooks #SecretDiaryOfANewMum

I went through a phase in my own pregnancy where I couldn't get enough of pregnancy books, I was fascinated by other people's journeys, especially, the non-fiction tales. So when I received the invitation for Cari Rosen's blog tour I jumped at the chance to read something I haven't delved into for years. Whatever your... Continue Reading →

#BlogTour: Can you see me now? by Trisha Sakhlecha #5Stars #CanYouSeeMeNow @RandomTTours

I LOVED it. One of the best books I've read this year. And the twisty, turny ending completely surprised me! How often does that happen to you? Because it doesn't happen often to me! From Trisha Sakhlecha,Can You See Me Now? is a gripping psychological suspense thriller about a young Indian woman, now a government minister,... Continue Reading →

Probably my last #BookReview of 2020! And it’s a good one! Amari and the Night Brothers by B. B. Alston #ProvidedForReview #MiddleGrade #UltimateBlogTour #TheWriteReads @EgmontBooksuk #AmariPeters

I am always on board with a bit of book hype and it's lovely to see Amari and the Night Brothers by B. B. Alston EVERYWHERE. Absolutely. Everywhere. YAY for a bit of book buzz. There is no doubt that Amari is going to be huge and it's already in the works for a film... Continue Reading →

#WWWwednesday 16/12/2020

Hello!! I've still not made it totally back into the book blogging world - life has just been busy. But, I have been reading more and reading more of my own books #Winning! How are you? WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY READING? Quick answer - LOTS! I am reading lots. I have been jumping from one... Continue Reading →

#WWWwednesday 18/11/20

Happy Wednesday – hopefully, it is lovely and sunny wherever you are? It is cold, cold, cold here! And windy and the sky is filled with dark, dark clouds - the perfect weather to snuggle up with my poodle and my laptop (my book later). WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY READING? And so far they are ALL good.... Continue Reading →

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