#WWWwednesday 02/02/2022 #CurrentlyReading #YouPeople #HowToKillYourFamily #TheHeroOfAges #READ #TheHerd #NextUp #TheChristieAffair #Books

Is it really Wednesday already! This last week seems to have disappeared in a COVID blur and today is the first day of a normal routine for our household. I have missed the school run. I won't go quite as far to say I have missed the alarm clock, but I'm looking forward to a... Continue Reading →

A short and sweet #Spotlightpost for the #Blogtour for #WhenThenBecomesNow by Sara Madderson @RandomTTours #ProvidedForReview

Hello! And welcome to my stop on the blog tour for another amazing installment in Sara Madderson's Sorrel Farm series - When Then Becomes Now. Quick moving update (for anyone interested)- we are in! I'm exhausted. The house is almost unpacked and looking like a home and my small wee person has started a new... Continue Reading →

#WWWwednesday 30/06/21

It has been AGES since I last did one of these #WWW posts and they are some of my favourites to write and read! I will be stopping by as many blogs as I can later, but feel free to leave me any links to your posts below in the comments and I will make... Continue Reading →

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